6 Highlights on Thailand’s Factory Clean Rooms

6 Highlights on Thailand’s Factory Clean Rooms

6 Highlights on Thailand’s Factory Clean Rooms

Cleanrooms are an essential part of manufacturing sites, which demands high levels of cleanliness. The cleanrooms enable your production sites to become free of germs and dust particles. Many industries, such a high level of sanitary, would inevitably need cleanroom facilities. In Thailand, numerous firms operate in these business areas, and the demands for cleanrooms are pervasive. Some of the most common industries with cleanrooms would include food and drugs, chemicals, electronics, and medical equipment. These industries need to ensure that the cleanliness of their products is vital. Otherwise, their products can inflict harmful effects to users. Therefore, if you are in these industries and require to install a cleanroom in your manufacturing site, you should find this article useful. It highlights 6 valuable insights into Thailand’s cleanrooms. 

1. Some general information on a cleanroom

6 Highlights on Thailand’s Factory Clean Rooms

We can describe a clean room as a sterile room, which controls the level of germs and dust particles under the prescribed limit, while eliminates the existing contaminants within the cleanroom simultaneously. Also, cleanrooms control other factors that may increase dust particles and germs. For example, wind speed, temperature, pressure, and humidity are some fundamental elements that can adversely affect the amount of dust that enters the room, as well as the growth rates of microbes, pathogens, and others. Cleanroom limits these factors to provide clean manufacturing environments, necessary for many industries. 

2. What are the specifications of the Clean Room of the factory?

For cleanrooms, there are clearly defined specifications. You can distinguish their various types of as followed:

 - Temperature-controlled cleanrooms- These facilities would control the temperature ranges, generally 72 oF (22.2 oC) ±0.25 oF (0.14 oC). Temperature is an indispensable control factor since it can affect the growth rates of microbes significantly. Your manufacturing needs would determine the appropriate working environment.

 - Humidity-controlled clean rooms- Thailand is a tropical country with very levels of humidity. Most cleanrooms allow you to set the desired humidity level, which is usually about 50 ± 10%. Some products are hygroscopic, and they can deteriorate from excessive humidity. Also, moisture can cause rust contaminations on your materials. Clean rooms allow you to set suitable humidity levels in your factories.

 - Positive pressure- The cleanroom allows you to produce positive pressure against dust particles in the atmosphere from entering the production area. Most cleanrooms utilize a pressure difference of at least 0.05 inches of water to omit contaminated agents in the air from entering the premises.

 - Lighting- Most clean rooms in Thailand offer lighting intensity of between 1,080 to 1,620 lux unless you have specific requirements.

3. Type of Clean Rooms.

6 Highlights on Thailand’s Factory Clean Rooms

You can identify 3 types of cleanrooms following the air-circulation characteristics.

3.1 Conventional Clean Room- This type offers the cleanliness of Class 1,000 to Class 10,000, and they have the air flows similar to those of the air conditioning systems. With this system, they use HEPA filters to clean the air, but these filters require routined replacements. The filters in these clean rooms restrict dust particles within the air. 

3.2  Horizontal Laminar Clean Room- This type offers the cleanliness of Class 100 by utilizing a constant airflow through its HEPA filters. Usually, the filtration system of this type would be installed on one side of the wall, and the air that permeates into the premises must pass through the filters. On the ceilings, there are ventilation fans that draw the air out of the facility. In Thailand, we often find this type of cleanroom in electronics, laboratories, and biotechnology companies. 

3.3  Vertical Laminar Clean Room- This last type of cleanrooms has a cleanliness level of approximately Class 100. They install the HEPA filters to the ceilings of these facilities. This system channel the airflow from the ceiling through the vertical HEPA filters to the space inside the room. This system is viable in the electronics industry.  

4. Type of cleanrooms, according to the factory uses.

You can find the various kinds of cleanrooms according to the businesses as followed:

 4.1 For standard clean rooms, we typically see this type in:

  ● Various chemical industry

 ● Microchip electronics manufacturing industry

 ● Paint industry

 ● Film production industry

4.2 Biological clean rooms, which safeguards the highest priority against bacteria, would utilize a different pressure level to omit air from other areas to enter the facility. We often find these cleanrooms in these fields:

 ● Biology laboratory

 ● Pharmaceutical industry

 ● Operating rooms

 4.3 Biohazard clean rooms prevent viruses and harmful substances from entering and exiting the premises. This specialized cleanroom would set the inside atmospheric pressure to be lower than the pressure level of the outside areas. This mechanism prevents the germs from contaminating the outside air.


 5. What mechanisms and protocols do we usually find in cleanrooms?

6 Highlights on Thailand’s Factory Clean Rooms

 5.1 They would create higher atmospheric pressures (positive pressure) for the cleanroom to prevent polluted outside air from infiltrating the facility.

 5.2 The filtration system would utilize HEPA filters to circulate clean air within the cleanroom area.

 5.3.Before entering the facility, the staff has to be completely clean by undergoing the air washer process. 

 5.4 Every person in the cleanroom must wear specialized clothing.

 5.5 The movement of workers in the facility must be slow.

 5.6 The cleanroom would circulate the air within and occasionally let out the small quality of air. This process helps reduce dirt and unwanted particles.

 5.7 Walls, floor tiles, and ceilings use specific construction materials, which do not accumulate dust and easy to clean.

 5.8 Materials and equipment within the facility must not cause dirtiness.

 5.9 The construction of cleanrooms is entirely air-tight. Occasionally, the specialists would design certain spots within the cleanroom to have air-suction features. This mechanism helps mitigate dust particles within the area. 

 5.10 Cleaning the cleanroom must follow the strict protocols to sustain its stringent standards.


 6. How to distinguish Clean Room classes?

 6.1 Class 100 means a room with particles of 0.5 microns or less, and there are less than 100 particles per cubic foot of air.

 6.2 Class 1,000 means a room with particles of 0.5 microns or less, and there are less than 1,000 particles per cubic foot of air.

 6.3 Class 10,000 means a place with particles of 0.5 microns or less, and there are less than 10,000 particles per cubic foot of air.

In summary, this article highlights practical insights into Thailand’s clean rooms. They are essential to many businesses, such as cosmetic factories, food, pharmaceutical manufacturers, electronic component business, and laboratories. The cleanrooms help alleviate their product quality, and ensure that their products do not cause harmful adverse effects on users. Also, these facilities help prevent deterioration of their products. We hope you find this article useful. 

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