5 Things you should Know Before Renting your First Warehouse.

5 Things you should Know Before Renting your First Warehouse.

5 Things you should Know Before Renting your First Warehouse.

As your business prospers, you need substantial space to store your products and raw materials. Selecting your first warehouse is tantamount to your business success. We believe an ideal warehouse should provide the flexibility that meets your business demands. With the various options available that can tailor your specific business requirements, renting a warehouse over buying one is the more viable choice for modern business owners. For this reason, selecting an appropriate warehouse for rent is another step to your overall business success.

In this article, we present five essential elements in selecting a warehouse. These critical factors can help you intelligently evaluate the choices offered and select the most suitable one.

5 Things you should Know Before Renting your First Warehouse.

1. Things to consider before renting a warehouse.

Nowadays, we can easily use the Internet to explore the rental warehouses offered on the market. We can conveniently assimilate their locations, sizes, price ranges, various types, layouts, and other relevant details. Therefore, we suggest searching for your first warehouse on the Internet is a good starting point to have an overall understanding of different alternatives.

Besides, after you have narrowed down your choices, you have to assess the contract terms of different rental warehouses carefully. For example, if you wish to renew your rental agreement, you have to ensure that you can extern your rent, and the new rental price is in the acceptable price range. Also, you should thoroughly weigh the details of the termination of your lease agreement. If you wish to end your contract term, how many months in advance must you inform the landlord? What are the related charges, as well as other charges? You must fully comprehend the terms before engaging in a rental contract.

2. Location is important

Probably, one of the most crucial factors in your rental warehouse selection is your location. Your warehouse for rent should be in a suitable area for convenient transportation systems for our business. For instance, if your company relies heavily on maritime shipments, your rental warehouse should be near the significant seaports or have transportation means effortlessly from the ports. Besides, the warehouse rental area must offer excellent transportation and logistics connections.

Another pertinent element is that your chosen warehouse for rent should allow convenient means of transport to your employees. It should have easy access to public transport and ample space for parking. Excellent transportation will increase the job satisfaction of your employees, and it can indirectly benefit in reducing staff turnover rates, whereby lowering the training costs for new employees.

3. Do not overlook the loading area.

5 Things you should Know Before Renting your First Warehouse.

Always check to ensure that the warehouse for rent has fitting loading docks sufficient for efficient uses. Some warehouse individually provides loading areas exclusively to one tenant, while for other rental warehouses, you have to share with other tenants. Furthermore, there are several types and unique characteristics of the loading points. In the following section, we discuss the different types as well as their distinct advantages.

3.1 Open Dock- Rental warehouses with this type would not provide cover on loading areas. You may encounter some difficulty in handling your goods when the weather condition is poor.

5 Things you should Know Before Renting your First Warehouse.

3.2 Depressed Dock- Some rental warehouses may have slope gradients on loading areas. With this less popular type of warehouses, you may have some inconvenience when transferring the products, and your trucks can cause damage to the building.

5 Things you should Know Before Renting your First Warehouse.

3.3 Flush Dock- This rental warehouse is the most prevalent type. It equips the loading areas with bumpers to prevent trucks from damaging the building during the loading of products. Forklifts and powered pallet jacks can quickly move in and out of the vehicles to the storage areas within the warehouse.

5 Things you should Know Before Renting your First Warehouse.

3.4 Enclosed Dock: This rental warehouse offers solid protective cover on loading docks. This type of warehouse helps protect your goods from the weather and dust as well as helps sustain the desired temperature for cold and frozen storage. However, the rental rate for this specialized warehouse is typically more expensive than other warehouse types. Also, with this covered feature, you have to consider appropriate air ventilation.

5 Things you should Know Before Renting your First Warehouse.

3.5 Saw Tooth Docks- The final type of rental warehouse has saw-tooth loading areas. The architects often employ this characteristic when there is limited space. This trait makes the trucks maneuver in and out of the loading bays easier.

5 Things you should Know Before Renting your First Warehouse.

Regardless of the type of rental warehouse you select, you must also consider the collision-protection devices to mitigate the risk while moving your products and your vehicles. Following safety standards, your company may utilize safety tools, such as wheel stops, steel bars, and bumpers. You have to examine whether the warehouse and already offer these pieces of equipment or not.

4. Facilities within your warehouses for rent

5 Things you should Know Before Renting your First Warehouse.

Although the warehouse has characteristics distinct from other types of buildings, you should still expect quality amenities. Your rental warehouse should offer separate female and male bathrooms, ample car parks for your staff and your customers, and excellent access to public transportation. The project should also feature some forms of security systems and ready-to-use high-speed Internet.

Another essential detail, when determining your warehouses for rent, is the conditions of outdoor areas and nearby roads. You should inspect their conditions thoroughly and immediately request for repairs in case of poor road conditions.

5. Plan before committing into a warehouse rental contract.

5 Things you should Know Before Renting your First Warehouse.

Entering a warehouse lease is usually a long-term commitment, which is at least 1-3 years. You should fully appraise your desired property on its conditions, specifications, and pricing policies. Sometimes, the premises may require further renovations, so you should consult with the landlord on the expenses beforehand. Since you can negotiate the terms with the owner before signing the lease agreement, the landlord may support you pay for improvement costs and other related costs. Nevertheless, the party accounted for such costs would depend on the landlords and differ case by case.

Furthermore, you should plan ahead of your production lines to support your future expansions. Relocation costs can be very severe. Therefore, we believe careful planning in the initial stage can help save money down the line.


If you are interested in renting a high-quality factory or warehouses in Thailand, please feel free to contact us anytime. Our properties have complete functions, and they are in excellent locations. Plus, we support our customers with free repair services throughout the leases as well as a full range of customer support services. Our projects have high-security systems with 24-hour security guards, and CCTVs.

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