7 Advantages of Aluminum Composite and Why We use it for our Rental Factories and Warehouses

7 Benefits of Aluminum Composite

7 Benefits of Aluminum Composite, and Because of these Reasons, We use it for our Rental Warehouses and Factories.

Presently, in the construction materials sector, we frequently notice novel innovations that can help better the functionality, practicality, and design. As a rental factory and warehouse provider, we try to follow and apply them to our premises so that our tenants can have better rental experiences.

One of the most prominent materials for decorating industrial and commercial buildings is Aluminum Composite. Whether a factory, warehouse, office buildings, or a department store, you will notice the extensive use of this material. Architects apply this material on both interiors as well as exteriors of the buildings. It has lasting aesthetic appeal and offers many indirect benefits for our warehouse and factory tenants.

Aluminum composite offers the flexibility for various design elements since it comes in a variety of shapes and shades. Also, the specialists can modify it to make your building design more unique. It is a real novelty in modern building decoration and has become the most attractive interior and exterior decoration material.

In this article, we will examine the advantages of the aluminum composite panel and explain why it has become the preferred popularized material for modernized commercial buildings. Also, we will illustrate how these advantages benefit our rental factories and warehouses.

Aluminium Composite

What is Aluminum Composite?

Aluminum Composite, or simply Cladding, is an innovative construction material that is lightweight and easily attached to your existing wall structure.

Initially, when engineers and scientists invent this material, they aimed to create a new component that has superior properties, such as durability, corrosion-free than other building materials. Therefore, its composition can resist all climate conditions, withstand acids, alkalis, and moisture, yet remain lightweight. Plus, its enduring aesthetic appeal in both shapes and shades significantly enhance the designs of commercial and industrial properties. Because of these beneficial characteristics, architects widely utilize this material for the interiors and exteriors of buildings.

After reading its characteristics above, it is only natural that you may reserve some doubts and remain slightly skeptical of its benefits. Moreover, you may wonder that material with such benefits exists. You can consider our rental factories and warehouses as valid evidence of its benefits. We have extensively applied this material on our rental properties and continuously enjoyed these favorable gains.

Aluminum composite is considered a building material and building decoration material that completely breaks the rules of the current conceptual framework. It is a material that allows us to challenge architecture without limits anymore. Helps build and enhance imagination, including design ideas that make it easier to get into shape and reality than in the past

The Structural Component of Aluminum Composite

Aluminum composite has a structure similar to a sandwich- it consists of the top and bottom plates. The sheets have a very abrasive structural bond that is thin yet sturdy. Its core, which uses the low-density polyethylene material, is very soft, which allows for flexibility. The result is a very flexible but durable material.

For typical aluminum composite panels, the thickness is merely between 0.15 - 0.50 mm thick. Moreover, its components offer other excellent properties: good resistance to acids and corrosion, rust-free, and very lightweight compared to steel.

These are the 7 Advantages you should know Of Aluminum Composite.

1. Lightweight structure- it only weights 3.5 - 5 kilograms / square meter.

Due to the little weight, this material allows for flexible uses and convenient installations. Its trifling weight requires minimal structural supports and thus does not hinder your existing structures. It does not produce more pressure for your buildings' walls. Also, it is straightforward to install.

After utilizing this component to industrial properties, real estate facilities can have refined, better-appealed designs and becomes more premium than ordinary buildings. This advantage is one of the core benefits of why we utilize aluminum composite for our rental factories and warehouses. Our tenants can experience high-quality rental properties.

2. The aluminum composite has very lasting color finishes.

Because this superior material does not trap moisture, rust, nor scratch, it has very durable and robust properties. More specifically, both its colors and shapes can last more than ten years. It is effortless to clean and service so that you can save on maintenance costs. Besides, it does not have any health hazard issues for people within the properties.

Aluminium Composite

3. With its numerous shades and forms, Aluminum composite complement all design styles.

The breadth of aluminum composite's color tones and patterns offers architects with a plethora of options. For example, you can opt for a smooth, beautiful surface with thirty-six standards colors to choose from to best suit your designs. Or, you can customize the surface's pattern and texture as well as a distinct color to best suit your design. From its variety, we utilize this material on our rental factories and warehouses to heighten their appearances more modern, refined, and exclusive.

4. The Specialist can quickly install Aluminum composite, which helps save time and money.

With its lightweight construction, this type of cladding is easy to install. The specialists can swiftly fabricate the materials and attach them to the existing building structures. Furthermore, its composition allows for a robust-yet-flexible structure, so you can conveniently divide, fold, and cut out certain parts for easy assembly. For this reason, this cladding helps to save construction time and installation costs.

5. A variety of shapes

Another core feature of the aluminum composite is that it can be shaped in many different designs. Therefore, this superior characteristic allows our architect to create rental factories and warehouses with distinctive designs.

6. It helps to lessen the heat and noise.

Aluminum composite absorbs the heat from sunlight. It acts as a barrier to protect our factories and warehouses from direct sunlight. Also, it helps to keep noises within the factory buildings.

Another vital characteristic is that Aluminum Composite is exceptionally resistant to weather and UV light. As a result, our factory and warehouse for rent can enjoy lasting color and luster despite Thailand's severe sunlight.

7. The diverse application uses.

Aluminium Composite

We can recognize the diverse range of applications of aluminum composite, from the facades of our rental factories to commercial and residential highrises such as department stores, hotels, and office buildings. The specialists can attach it to the glass surfaces, or brick and mortar wall, or around pillar and beam areas. Further, they can apply it for interiors and exteriors of the buildings. They can have standard square shapes, circular shares, or other individual shapes to fit the design of the buildings best. Architects also use them to decorate the buildings' facades and ceilings. From its diverse application, our rental factories and warehouses benefit with a better aesthetic appeal from this material.

In sum, Aluminum Composite has served our factories and warehouses for rent with these seven advantages. Pro Ind prefers to decorate our rental factories with the aluminum composite so that our tenants can have rental experiences with the properties, which are outstanding, beautiful, luxurious, and modern at all times.

If you are interested in renting a high-quality factory or warehouses in Thailand, please feel free to contact us anytime. Our properties have complete functions, and they are in excellent locations. Plus, we support our customers with free repair services throughout the leases as well as a full range of customer support services. Our projects have high-security systems with 24-hour security guards, and CCTVs.

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