5 Practical Ways to Save Energy in your Rental Factory and Warehouse

5 Practical Ways to Save Energy in your Rental Factory and Warehouse

5 Practical Ways to Save Energy in your Rental Factory and Warehouse

Modernized factories and warehouses nowadays are undergoing a drastic change: many factories and warehouses are utilizing robotic systems in their productions to respond to customers' rapid expansion adequately. From the continuously rising consumer demands, the need for the factory and warehouse rental space also grows analogously. On the other hand, the supply of the rental factory and warehouse space offered are relatively undersupplied. The amount of available rental space seems to become noticeably less because of the escalating construction costs as well as the land shortage problem.

From the difficulty presented above, the Thai factory and warehouse rental prices are markedly higher, and this would continue to be the norm for the industrial market. Businesspeople have to look for other methods to help save costs. Usually, one viable approach in lowering your expenses is your energy expenditure. This essential cost for a factory and warehouse tends to increase continuously. Therefore, we believe that you can reduce your energy use to help reduce your overall expenses for entrepreneurs and business owners. In this article, we have presented five methods to help save energy in your factory and warehouse.

1. Make the most out of your rental space.

5 Practical Ways to Save Energy in your Rental Factory and Warehouse

As a factory and warehouse operator, you should maximize the efficiency in your rental space. More modern warehouses and factories have a structural height of 8 meters and above. If you store your products without reaching the available height, you may currently neglect to exploit valuable vertical space. You can save energy costs in the rental factory and warehouse by effectively designing and maximizing your storage space. Moreover, you can explore with a shelf (Rack) system or create storage space above the office and mezzanine area to use your space efficaciously.

2. Use LED lights with automatic sensor systems

5 Practical Ways to Save Energy in your Rental Factory and Warehouse

A simple method to reduce electricity usage in your rental factory and warehouse is changing from typical fluorescent lamps to LED lamps. The LED lighting systems can help you save energy charges as well as mitigate your lightbulbs replacement costs. These LED lightbulbs have a longer life than standard bulbs.

Also, you and your landlord can explore the option of installing sensors for the lighting system in your rental factory or warehouse. These sensors detect motion and automatically turn on the light. It turns off the lights when there is no employee in that area. This energy-saving benefit is a very appealing option. However, you should carefully choose the right suppliers for reliable, durable sensors with a robust customer support team.

Finally, regardless of the options you use for saving your energy costs, it is vital that you equip your rental factory and warehouse with lighting sufficient for your production lines. You can consult within M&E engineers for calculating the approbate lumens for your operational areas.

3. Natural light

5 Practical Ways to Save Energy in your Rental Factory and Warehouse

One of the easiest ways to save energy is to add natural light to your rental warehouse and factory. When you search for properties for rent, you should choose the premises with natural lighting. This vital element can help you save tremendously on energy costs.

Currently, rental factories and warehouses apply various material types in their construction and designs to help natural light to penetrate the facilities. A popular choice is the skylight material, which allows natural light to permeate into the operation area. The roofs with some skylight will significantly reduce the electricity cost in your rental factory and warehouse. Another prominent material is the use of translucent flap, which permits sunlight to enter the designated area.

Besides the cost-saving benefits of these translucent materials, many recent studies have confirmed that workplaces with natural light can boost employees' satisfaction and enthusiasm for work.

4. Close the door completely or install an industrial curtain at the entrance and exit.

5 Practical Ways to Save Energy in your Rental Factory and Warehouse

In temperature-controlled factories and warehouses, it is essential that you limit the cold internal temperature to escape out of your buildings. You can considerably save on energy costs when you utilize novel construction materials for your factory and warehouse. For example, you can install an additional layer of insulation on your roof to limit external heat from entering the premises. You should also explore protective PU materials on your doors and wall panel to help reserve the cold temperature. When your warehouse or factory requires frequent loading and unloading of goods, it is not very easy to entirely shut your doors. You can explore materials such as speed shutter doors and industrial curtains to help maintain the constant temperature in your rental factory and warehouse. These innovative construction materials can help lower air conditioner usage in the operation area. They play critical roles in helping you save energy.

5. Install insulation to the building

5 Practical Ways to Save Energy in your Rental Factory and Warehouse

Similar to the previous method, your rental factory and warehouse should have insulation installation even though your processing area is room temperature. The heat insulation can prevent heat up to 90 percent by diminishing the heat distribution from the roof into the building. Therefore, the natural, pleasant air inside the rental factory or warehouse helps to minimize electricity bills from the needs of air conditioners or industrial fans. The insulations create comfortable working conditions inside the factory and warehouse. Besides, your products and machinery in the rental factory or warehouse can have longer lifespans.

You can read more about the benefits of heat insulation for factories and warehouses in our article: Five Innovations that Pro Ind Factories and Warehouses for Rent use for Heat Prevention. Click!

In this article, we have listed 5 practical methods you can apply for energy-savings. We believe you should maximize your rental space by effectively plan your rental factory and warehouse usage. We also think it is a viable option when you install LED lams as well as translucent materials for your operation areas. When your operation zones are temperature controlled, you should explore many innovative construction materials to help you maintain the desire temperature range while trimming down your energy costs. Finally, we suggest your rental factory and warehouse should have heat insulation to reduce to the need to air conditioners. We hope you find this article useful and can help you save on your energy bills.


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