5 Reasons Why We Should Focus on the Heat Prevention Inside the Factory and Warehouse

 5 Reasons Why We should Focus on the Heat inside the Factory and Warehouse

There are 5 essential reasons why we should focus on heat prevention inside the factory and warehouse.

The hot weather in Thailand does not seem to lessen.  From statistics, the temperature is likely to increase every year(source). Heat and sunlight will cause our rental factories or warehouses to trap heat inside, and this problem adversely affects the mental as well as physical health of employees.  Also, this negative consequence inevitably abates the conditions of stored goods and machinery. Thus, in this article, we examine the five rationals behind why our factory and warehouse for rent place a firm emphasis on heat ventilation systems.


1. The active designed factories and warehouses can correctly channel heat, and this helps lower the temperature inside the factory areas.


The active design of rental warehouses and factories play a pivotal role in creating a relaxed, comfortable working environment. The factory design plan determines how the hot air is released and how the fresh air can continuously flow inside. Our rental factories and warehouses focus on the designs to subdue this problem by circulating airflow within the factories and warehouses for pleasant working ambiances.


2. Heat protection measurements reduce the temperature inside our rental factories and warehouses and foster productive workforces.


An uncomfortable working environment reduces staff's motivations and job satisfaction, while comfortable working conditions favorably lead to productivity, happiness, and creativity (see:https://www.inc.com/rhett-power/10-reasons-why-it-is-important-create-a-happy-workplace.html). 


We believe our rental factories and warehouses are crucial in creating enjoyable working conditions for our tenants' staff.  Therefore, we place a high priority to combat heat by utilizing polyurethane foams (PU) on our roofs. (We thoroughly discuss the benefits of PU foams on another article. Please follow the link to understand the benefits of PU Foams: ...) From our PU Foam application, you and your staff can enjoy satisfying, happy working environments in our rental factories and warehouses.


3. The heat protection systems help extend machines' life.


Many types of machinery function best in cool and low temperatures. Appropriate working environments expand their working life because, typically, the machines themselves are already scorching. When the air inside the factory is sweltering and not well ventilated, the machinery can deteriorate much faster. Therefore, our rental factories place very high importance on heat prevention and air ventilations to help extend the machines' lifespans. 


4. The heat prevention measurements in our rental factories and warehouses help reduce the damages of your products.


Our warehouses are ideal for storage, and they are appropriate for various types of products. In conventional warehouses and factories, the internal temperatures tend to be very high due to poor ventilation, blocked air vents, little or no initiative on heat preventions, or merely poor design layouts.  As a result, heat is a crucial determinant factor, which impairs the quality of stored products.


Therefore, routine checkups on stored goods are essential to examine their conditions.  Efficient heat reductions in warehouses and factories can lower the harms that may come to the product.


 5. Heat protection systems for factories and warehouses lower operating costs.


Insulations in our rental factories and warehouses offer similar benefits to insultations in residential properties, namely electricity bills. The heat preventions lower energy costs in office areas as well as in temperature-controlled factories and warehouses. Besides, it helps to lengthen the lifespan of these cooling systems inside the factory and warehouse.  The demands on them do not have to be as severe.


From these compelling reasons, Pro Ind realizes the importance of designing warehouses and factories for rent that prevent heat into the premises. Our rental premises have powerful features in heat protections so that our tenants can work comfortably and happily. This positive environment also creates beneficial effects on your stored goods and machines. For further information on our initiatives in heat protection, please follow the link below on "Five innovations on Heat Prevention of Pro Ind's Rental Factories."



 If you are interested in renting high-quality factories and warehouses that have complete functions as well as heat protection systems, please contact us. Also, our rental factories and warehouses are excellent locations and offer active after-sale services.

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