Thailand High-Quality Factories and Warehouses for Rent with over 15 Years of Experience.

At PRO IND, we offer high-quality factories and warehouses for rent with complete functions. We focus on a one-stop service such as free repair service throughout the lease agreement, document and license services, and security services. Moreover, all of our factories and warehouses are in a prime location and transportation hub near Bang Na-Trat, Burapha with Expressway, Motorway, and not far from the seaports, City Center, Suvarnabhumi Airport and the gateway to the EEC Special Economic Zone. 



ให้เช่าโรงงานและคลังสินค้า ผู้บริหาร
ทีมงาน ให้เช่าโรงงานและคลังสินค้า
ทีมโปร อินด์ ให้เช่าโรงงานและคลังสินค้า


Video of our Factory and Warehouse for Rent Projects

Our factories and warehouses rental projects are in the videos. Watch our project in a real atmosphere and environment.


Our Project


High-quality of factories and warehouses for rent.

ข้อดีของโรงงานโกดังคัลงสินค้าโปร อินด์ 1
ข้อดีของโรงงานโกดังคัลงสินค้าโปร อินด์ 2
ข้อดีของโรงงานโกดังคลังสินค้าโปร อินด์ 6
ข้อดีของโรงงานโกดังคลังสินค้าโปร อินด์ 4
ข้อดีของโรงงานโกดังคลังสินค้าโปร อินด์ 5
ข้อดีโรงงานโกดังคลังสินค้า โปร อินด์
ข้อดีของโรงงานโกดังคลังสินค้าโปร อินด์ 7
ข้อดีของโรงงานโกดังคลังสินค้าโปร อินด์ 8
ข้อดีของโรงงานโกดังคลังสินค้าโปร อินด์ 9


Nowadays, PRO IND has gained the trust of both Thai and foreign companies, more than 60 companies with more than 70,000 sq.m. rental spaces.


Parts of the testimonials from customers who are impressed and satisfied when renting our factory and warehouse. 

ลูกค้าเช่าโรงงานคัลงสินค้า โปร อินด์
ลูกค้าเช่าโรงงานคัลงสินค้า โปร อินด์
ลูกค้าเช่าโรงงาน คลังสินค้า โปร อินด์

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Where are the projects of PRO IND located?

A: The project is near Bangna-Trad Km. 23 inbound, near Bang Phli Industrial Estate, Samut Prakarn Province, Thailand.


Q: What products or services does PRO IND have?

A: We have three primary services, which are factories for rent, warehouses for rent and built-to-suit factories and warehouses for rent.


Q:  Does PRO IND have a factory or warehouse for sale?

A:  Currently, PRO IND has rental projects only.


Q: How many factories and warehouses rental projects does PRO IND have?

A: 7 projects.


Q: How far are the projects from Bangkok?

A: Our project is located 40 kilometers from Bangkok and takes only 45 minutes.


Q: How far is the project from Suvarnabhumi Airport?

A: Our project is located 20 kilometers from Suvarnabhumi Airport and takes only 25 minutes.


Q: Will it flood?

A: The area does not flood because the project is near Suvarnabhumi Airport, which has excellent drainage systems. For example, the major flood in 2011, this area did not have floods.


Q: How many years in a factory and warehouse lease contract, and how much is the deposit?

A: The minimum rental period is three years. The deposit is equal four months rental fee.


Q: What additional benefits do I get from renting a Pro Ind factory or warehouse?

A: We provide many free benefits to our clients! We offer free services as follows: 24-hour security service, CCTV, termite spraying services to prevent rats and insects, garden care service, consulting services on various documents and licenses, and free express repairs throughout the lease agreement.


Q: Is there an additional common fee to the PRO IND Factory and Warehouse rental price?

A: No common fee


Q: Can I acquire a factory permit ( Ror. Ngor. 4), FDA or BOI ?

A: Available on request, we have a team of experts providing advice and looking after your documents.


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