5 Reasons Why the Samut Prakan province did not flood when Thailand's Big Flood in 2011 occurred.


samut prakan did not flood

Five reasons examine why the Samut Prakan province did not flood when Thailand's Big Flood in 2011 occurred.

When there was a big flood in 2011, Samut Prakan Province was virtually unaffected by the flood. Since then, new real estate development projects, whether shopping mall projects, residential projects, rental factories, and rental warehouses have swiftly multiplied in this province. Moreover, many business owners choose to establish their factories and warehouses in Samut Prakan Province. In this article, we will examine the reasons why Samut Prakan Province was not affected by the flood.

1. Samut Prakan Province is the location of the Suvarnabhumi Airport.

The Suvarnabhumi Airport is in Samut Prakan province, and the government officials place a high emphasis on drainage systems and flood prevention measurements, protecting in the surrounding areas of Suvarnabhumi Airport from floods.

With the importance of Suvarnabhumi Airport, His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej has given guidelines for flood preventions and assigned the Royal Irrigation Department to construct the drainage projects to protect the area (Please watch the video for further information).  As a result, his initiatives lead the Suvarnabhumi Airport area, and the nearby regions in Samut Prakarn to have excellent sewage systems and many flood prevention programs. For example, one prevention measurement is the construction of the Suvarnabhumi Water Delivery Canal, which tremendously speed up the drainage of the Samrong Canal and the various waterways around the Samrong Canal, to the seashore. Also, this unique water channel pumps the excess water out to the sea directly. With these integrated water-management initiatives, Samut Prakan Province does not flood and thereby is an ideal location for factories and warehouses. Rental factories and warehouses in this area are unaffected by the floods.

why the Samut Prakan province did not flood

 2. Suvarnabhumi Water Delivery Canal Project:

The Suvarnabhumi Water Delivery Canal Project is the central drainage canal in the area of the Suvarnabhumi Airport to accelerate the drainage of the Samrong Canal, and various nearby waterways. Thereby, the water can be drained directly into the sea effectively, and this reduces flood conditions and damage from flooding. According to the royal initiative of His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej, this unique water channel helps drain water up to 100 cubic meters/second. With such a rapid drainage rate, Samut Prakarn Province was unaffected by the flooding in 2011. The Suvarnabhumi River Delivery Canal, the first and only elevated water bridge in Thailand, provides an integrated drainage system that effectively drains and protects all floods in the Samut Prakan Province area. Consequently, factories and warehouses in this province were virtually untouched. Many business owners and investors choose their rental factories and warehouses in this province.


 3. Samrong Canal

 Samrong Canal is another vital contributing factor. This waterway in Samut Prakan Province accelerates drainage during the rainy season. With its sheer size and extensive coverage, its central purpose is to prevent the water flooding homes, villagers, and other establishments, such as shopping malls, hospitals, and factories.

 4. Samut Prakarn has many small canals that help drain water.  

 Because of Samut Prakan's extensive networks of natural waterways and local governments' extensive efforts in digging and improving these waterways, these factors fosters water to be rapidly drained. These waterways help prepare for a large amount of water, especially during the rainy season. The rental factories and warehouses in the area enjoy quick water drainage. 

Furthermore, these canals are an integral part of channeling large amounts of water to large rivers and then into the sea. For this reason, the water canals act as buffers when water exceeds the regular rate and also helps accelerate the water drainage. Therefore, inevitably, Samut Prakan is the preferred location of rental factories and warehouses.

 5. Samut Prakarn has extensive coverage of pumping stations

Samut Prakarn Province is well prepared for the rainy season or flooding period as the province has many large pumping stations. To accelerate the drainage rate, the local government has established a wide array of water pumping stations, which aims to combat flooding conditions and to speed up the drainage of the water to the sea more effectively.  For these reasons, Samut Prakan province is an excellent location to set up factories and warehouses.

 With flood prevention systems and integrated drainage projects of the Suvarnabhumi Water Delivery Canal, Samut Prakan is impervious to Thailand's most significant floods. Because this province does not flood, inevitably, many large real estate developers choose to base their projects in this area. Large investment projects, such as department stores, residential projects, factories, industrial estates, have every since proliferated in Samut Prakarn. 

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