4 Necessary Steps for your Factory and Warehouse Relocation

4 Necessary Steps for your Factory and Warehouse Relocation

4 Necessary Steps for your Factory and Warehouse Relocation

Factory and warehouse rentals have become the current viable choice for business operators because this choice offers many attractive benefits to the business. Renting allows companies to respond to changing business environments readily, requires less capital investment, provides flexibility and swiftness when relocating.

After you have found your suitable factory or warehouse for rent with satisfactory rental terms, the next crucial step is to relocating your operation to the new site smoothly. This article offers a concrete plan to help you move to your new rental factory and warehouse effortlessly. You would find we provide a 4-step guideline, which enables you to move better. Also, this guideline offers a full timeframe for all the necessary actions.

 1. 180 days before moving to a new factory or warehouse for rent.

4 Necessary Steps for your Factory and Warehouse Relocation

 In this initial stage, you should formulate a requirement list, which entails your specifications and expectations of your new factory and warehouse rental.  You may need to expand your current operations. For example, you may wish to extend your inventory, thereby requiring extra storage space. Or, you may need to install more machines to your manufacturing line to support your new products. In these cases, it would be very beneficial if you consult architects, engineers, consulting companies as well as your staff to help you determine specific requirements for the new rental factory and warehouse.  Their expertise can help you identify particular needs for the new property and find the most suitable property efficiently.

In many instances, you may need to modify or expand certain parts of the properties to accommodate your operations. An engineer can help you in various ways- draw your modification plan, evaluate the quotations from the constructors, and monitor their construction progress. You also should discuss your modification plans with your landlords to find out if the interesting rental property can accommodate these adjustments.

Similarly, you may wish to decorate the interior of the office areas. In Thailand, the offices in rental factories and warehouses are often very simplistic and basic. You may need meeting areas, dining areas for your staff, manager rooms, large working stations for staff, or a reception area. An architect or an interior company can help you develop an individualized, positive work environment. During this timeframe, you can discuss with an architect to help you design and configure the office area to best match your preference.

 In this preliminary stage, you are concocting ideas and expectations for the new rental property. This list of prerequisites can help you systematically evaluate the various properties.  This list should consist of factory or warehouse specifications, office requirements, IT systems, safety features, and machines in your operation.  This list can serve as a guideline to help you select the most suitable property.

2. 150 days before moving to a new rental factory and warehouse

4 Necessary Steps for your Factory and Warehouse Relocation

In this stage, you should select the contractor for your modifications and office decorations. This timeframe allows you to negotiate on the prices, finalize the specifications and materials, and sign the contract with the contractor.

Next, you should list your existing assets, such as your machines, equipment, furniture, IT equipment, photocopiers, forklifts, and other tools for your operation. With this list, you can quickly know how these types of equipment will be utilized in your new location, and what else you would need to buy.  

Some equipment would need extra process time before the suppliers can deliver these products. Machines, pieces of furniture, IT equipment, and other specialized tools for your operations require additional time after purchasing orders because your suppliers may need to import these products from abroad. You need to donate sufficient time for shipping and customs procedures.  During this period, you should start requesting quotations and selecting suppliers for these devices.

3. 120 days before moving to your new factory or warehouse for rent

It would be advantageous if you use this time to review and follow up on your plan. You should discuss with your project manager to monitors all the relevant activities. Also, in Thailand, it is customary to write a formal letter informing the current landlord that you wish to vacate on a certain specific date. This crucial step enables you and the landlord to confirm what renovations and charges if any, may apply when you return the property.  

Moreover, during this period, you can sign the rental contract with the new landlord and specify the date in which you would use the property so that you can order your machines, furniture, and equipment for your operations from your suppliers.

4. 90 days before moving to your new factory or warehouse for rent

4 Necessary Steps for your Factory and Warehouse Relocation

You should request a transportation and relocation quotations from 2-3 suppliers to compare the prices. When moving your existing assets-furniture, machines, and other operational tools- from the current rental warehouse or factory, you should ensure these assets against damages that may occur from transportation and handling.

Also, you should install your utilities in the new rental property during this stage. For example, your IT service provider can use this time to set up IT systems and servers. The contractor should install the electrical services necessary for your machines and office uses.  For some warehouse operators, this is the appropriate period to install your racks.   Your contractors should also set up the air-conditioners, telephones, electrical plugs in the office.  Finally, you can use this time for burglar alarms and CCTV installations for security purposes.

After completing these 4 steps, it is time to move to your new rental factory or warehouse.

After completing these four previous steps, it is time to move to your new rental property. Your assigned manager should supervise the activities and monitor various components to see whether they are in line with your plans. Your manager should check if the suppliers are following their schedules.

Your staff should prepare various documents regarding your office relations and inform the appropriate government agencies. You should also write letters to your customers, suppliers, and business partners, notifying them of your new location, your operation schedules, and the property map. For most factory operators, you should apply for relevant permits, such as factory permits and dangerous-goods storage licenses for your new rental factory.

Finally, you should contact your previous landlord to mutually confirm the procedures and conditions in returning the property as well as the deposit. In Thailand, rental contracts would typically require the lessee to inform the lessor in a written consent of at least 1-2 months in advance. Therefore, you must inform the landlord well in advance. Also, most rental contracts would specify that you must return the rental warehouse and factory to its original conditions. This condition means you may have to dismantle your modifications, and you may have to find a contractor to perform the required renovations if requested by the landlord.

In this article, we have provided a timeline and various things you have to do before moving to your new rental warehouse or factory. This plan can help you organize the necessary steps systematically and efficiently. It can help coordinate the relevant parties in a single direction. We hope that you find this article useful and prevent drawbacks when moving to your new location.


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