3 Steps to Rent a Factory and Warehouse in Thailand

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3 steps to rent a factory and warehouse in Thailand and everything you should know to help you prepare when looking for factories for rent and warehouses for rent.

Nowadays, factories for rent or warehouses for rent have become the foremost choice among entrepreneurs. The decision to rent a warehouse or factory is more convenient, economical, and flexible, allowing business operators to focus their operations. The most crucial step in leasing a factory, renting a warehouse, renting a warehouse is to choose a factory, warehouse, and warehouse that is most suitable for your business.

Also, entering into a commercial lease agreement such as a factory or warehouse lease is more complicated than a residential lease like a house or apartment because of the longer contract term. The rental price is much higher. There are also conditions that both parties must agree on for the lease to go smoothly. Therefore, if you are interested in renting a factory or a warehouse in Thailand, we offer three steps to help you with your rental decision.

3 steps to rent a factory and warehouse in Thailand

3 steps to rent a factory and warehouse in Thailand

1. Look for the factory or warehouse that you need.

3 steps to rent a factory and warehouse in Thailand

The first step is searching for a suitable factory for rent or a warehouse for rent. Deciding on the correct type of rental warehouse or factory can be challenging. Currently, many real estate developers offer different properties for specific operation types. You should choose the one that best suits your work, industry, or product to be stored. A wide range of options are available: locations, building sizes, styles and layouts, prices, and other functions (i.e., dock levelers, raised platforms, office layouts, etc.)

One of the essential elements in your rental decision is the building layout. You should find a suitable rental warehouse or factory size, and the design of the warehouse and factory can significantly affect your business operations.

Also, other vital elements include the space utilization within the office area. The rental warehouse or factory should offer suitable electrical systems to match your business needs. It would help if you also discussed the lessor's building repair or maintenance arrangements. It would help to consider the warehouse floor and roof specifications to ensure they are suitable for heavy industry. High roof clearance and adequate parking are significant factors in your considerations.

Another important step when deciding on your warehouse for rent or factory for rent is you should visit the actual site in person. Searching for the details of the factory and warehouse for rent online can serve as a guide to help you narrow down your choices, but when to your final decision, you should visit the actual site. Also, visiting your top picks can help you find the most suitable rental warehouse or factory.

If you would like to read more on the essential factors when renting a factory or a warehouse, you can read this article: 7 Important Factors in Choosing a Factory and Warehouse Location.3 steps to rent a factory and warehouse in Thailand

2. Assessing the contract agreement terms for your rental warehouse and factory

Inquire about hidden costs: Some factories or warehouses for rent may add additional charges other than their quotation. Taxes, additional fees, or building maintenance charges are examples of these charges. So, you should ensure that you fully understand the arrangements of these charges. Also, it would help if you inquired about any other hidden costs, such as water and electricity rates and common fees.

Know your lease obligations: Some factory and warehouse landlords provide after-lease services with the responsibility of repairing or maintaining buildings and internal systems, but others do not. Therefore, you should ask whose responsibility it is regarding repairs. Some landlords, such as us- Pro Ind Solutions, would be responsible for these costs.

Get to know the lessor: Before entering a factory or warehouse rental contract, you should always investigate the creditability of the landlord. For example, you should look for positive reviews from other tenants and check whether they have had legal issues or litigation from a former tenant or not. The financial stability of the lessor is another critical consideration.

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3. Negotiate the lease agreement

3 steps to rent a factory and warehouse in Thailand

Request a copy of the lease agreement: Before making any lease agreement, you should always request a copy to study the details first. You must immediately ask or notify the landlord if there are any doubtful or unclear points.

Negotiate: Don't get discouraged from negotiating with the landlord. The landlords may find more extended lease contracts more desirable, so that you may find better offers if you can rent long-term.

Inquire about additional offers: Your business's nature and future projections may require other requirements. You can ask the landlord for additional arrangements, such as potential rental space increases or decreases for your future business operations and special rental fees during moving-in periods.

Hire a Lawyer: Before signing the contract, it is best to hire a lawyer to help you thoroughly review the contract's details. Because the lawyer understands real estate and business laws better, she can help determine whether the conditions are appropriate for you.

Sign the lease: Once the attorney has verified that the factory or warehouse lease contract is fair and legal, you can confidently sign the lease.

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