6 Advantages of uPVC Windows and Doors for Factory and Warehouse

6 Advantages of uPVC Windows and Doors for Factory and Warehouse

6 Advantages of uPVC Windows and Doors for Factory and Warehouse

Many customers, who have visited our factory-and-warehouse-rental projects, are delighted with the quality of our doors and windows. Their materials are very appealing aesthetically and have a very high-quality and robust feel to them. Also, they are incredibly durable. Our customers often ask us what materials they are and why we use them.

The answer is "uPVC," which is still slightly uncommon. In this article, we present the essential benefits of this material and explain why we choose this superior material for all our doors and windows rather than conventional frames.

What is uPVC ?

6 Advantages of uPVC Windows and Doors for Factory and Warehouse

uPVC doors and windows or Unplasticized Poly Vinyl Chloride is the recent innovation in the building material industry. UPVC has elegant aesthetics beauty, yet they are incredibly durable against pressures from impacts. Also, they are resistant to all weather conditions because they are corrosion-free and do not shrink or stretch. They are non-flammable, and can excellently reflect UV rays, and acts as an exceptional heat insulator. Besides, they can absorb a large quantity of noise, preventing outside noise pollution as well as sounds from manufacturing areas from entering the premises.

Because of these benefits, more people are embracing this novel material over aluminum frames. Similarly, our factory and warehouse tenants also enjoy the advantages of this sensational material.

Since uPVC is pragmatic in both industrial and household fittings, the doors and windows manufactured from this material are becoming increasingly popular. People have implemented this building material on their doors and windows in multiple places: their factories, warehouses, office buildings, and their homes.

6 Advantages of uPVC Windows and Doors for Factory and Warehouse

1. Excellent heat protection and non-flammable

A fire hazard is a danger that any business owner does not want to encounter. Therefore, the selection of materials that do not conduct heat is vital to the safety of your factory. UPVC is the unique vinyl, which does not have a heat conductive property. Moreover, it can prevent heat up to 12 times more than aluminum. This material can effectively diminish heat transfer into the factory and warehouse areas.

2. Robust, durable and anti-UV

6 Advantages of uPVC Windows and Doors for Factory and Warehouse

Another significant benefit of uPVC is its robust strength. This material will not bend or tarnished even when exposed to the sun, rain, and moisture. Besides, the internal structure of the uPVC frames and shutters is reinforced with rust-proof steel for increased durability.

Because one of its primary property is it can effectively block UV rays, the color of the window frames and doors does not tarnish and alter its structure as commonly found on traditional aluminum frames. With aluminum frames, the material, as well as the seals, becomes so dry that it can swiftly get damaged after a while. As a result, uPVC is the better choice because it can effectively withstand intense UV rays from the sun.

3. uPVC protects against external noise

You and your employees have to significantly expose to loud noises either from the factory and warehouse operation areas or from other factories and warehouses. We believe our rental factories and warehouses should offer a comfortable, happy working environment. As a result, we utilize the uPVC frames which have soundproofing properties.

The chemical structure of uPVC has the multi-chamber characteristic, which restricts the sound from passing through. Because of this benefit, we fit all of our doors and windows from uPVC, which helps to prevent external noises. The office area in our rental factory and warehouse has a quiet ambiance even though there are external sounds from other factories or when the machines are in operations.

4. Excellent protection against water leakage

6 Advantages of uPVC Windows and Doors for Factory and Warehouse

Often, with conventional aluminum frames, your factory, warehouse, or residential properties may experience rainwater leaks into the door and window frames. This problem can cause severe risks to your machinery, documents, furniture, and computers. Moreover, over an extended period, this problem can result in algae and mold stains from excessive moisture.

On the other hand, the UPVC window and door frame offer excellent protection against the rain. Water cannot penetrate this material, and it mitigates the chances of water leakage. Also, it provides exceptional safeguards on the corners of doors and windows. Because of these advantages, we fit our rental factories and warehouses with uPVC window and door frames.

5. uPVC is extremely easy to maintain

Cleaning the frames, hinges, or grooves of doors and windows, especially in factories and warehouses, requires substantial works in traditional aluminum frames. You have to spend a lot of time and energy on polishing to clean it. What is worse is that the colors on aluminum frames usually fade and tarnished, and there is little you can do to resolve this problem.

However, uPVC is a vinyl material, which does not fade or become yellow. This material is utterly easy to maintain. In truth, you use a clean cloth moistened with soap and gently wipe. This minimum effort is sufficient to keep the surfaces of uPVC doors and windows clean and dust-free, and the surface uniformly white and shiny. This type of frame saves time and effort on cleaning and maintenance.

6. uPVC offers high security.

6 Advantages of uPVC Windows and Doors for Factory and Warehouse

Because our uPVC windows and doors have Multipoint Lock system-a sturdy locking mechanism, it can effectively provide safety against external tampering. Also, its frames closed very securely and tightly, and this benefit offers protection against burgery. Its security is another crucial reason why we choose this material for our rental factories and warehouses.

From these six vital benefits, we fit all of our rental factories and warehouses with uPVC windows and doors. This innovation promotes excellent aesthetics designs and comes with many practical advantages for our factories and warehouses.

If you are interested in renting a high-quality factory or warehouses in Thailand, please feel free to contact us anytime. Our properties have complete functions, and they are in excellent locations. Plus, we support our customers with free repair services throughout the leases as well as a full range of customer support services. Our projects have high-security systems with 24-hour security guards, and CCTVs.


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