5 reasons why renting a factory or a warehouse in the Bangna-Trat area is an excellent idea

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5 reasons why renting a factory or a warehouse in the Bangna-Trat area is an excellent idea for conducting your business in Thailand.

 Many people may wonder why they should rent factories and warehouses in the Bang Na-Trat area? This area used to be a tranquil area, which was made up of mostly residential and agricultural uses. Recently, however, this area has been receiving rapid growth in terms of industrial and commercial purposes. For the industrial sector, many new factories and warehouses are established.

Especially in the past ten years, Bangna-Trat Road is the ideal spot for factories and warehouses. Because Bangkok has been overgrowing, its prosperity and population have brought growth to nearby areas (one of which-Bangna-Trat Road). Bangna-Trat area is very close to Bangkok, and this makes this area the prime location for economic and commercial growth. There are many convincing reasons why establishing your factory or a warehouse in Bang-na Trat area is an excellent idea.

We will discuss why Bangna-Trat Road is a prime location for factories and warehouses.

1. Bangna-Trad Road connects essential commercial and industrial sites.

5 เหตุผล ทำไมย่านถนนบางนา-ตราด ถึงเป็นทำเลแห่งศักยภาพเพื่อการเช่าโรงงาน โกดังและคลังสินค้า

This road connects the city center of Bangkok with many critical industrial locations. First, Thailand's largest economy in the industrial sector is Samut Prakan Province, and this road provides a direct connection between Bangkok and Samut Prakarn. Second, it also offers easy access to essential destinations- Suvarnabhumi Airport, all major seaports, the Special Economic Zone (SEZ) in the eastern region, and Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC).   

2. Bangna-Trad area is the gateway to EEC.

The government realizes the importance of economic activities, especially in the industrial sector, in Thailand's eastern provinces: Samut Prakarn, Chon Buri, Rayong, and Chachoengsao. Consequently, they promote investors to establish their factories in these provinces with strong incentives, such as better infrastructures, tax-exempts, and tax breaks (see https://www.eeco.or.th/en/investment/investment-privileges/investment-benefits-on-eec.)

As we mentioned above, Bangna-Trat Road provides a direct connection between the Bangkok city center and the Eastern Special Economic Zone (EEC). This connection makes the area a prime location for factories and warehouses as it is not too far from Bangkok and the exclusive economic zones of the eastern region. Samut Prakarn is the halfway point between Bangkok and EEC, and many Thai and foreign investors establish their factories and warehouses here into manufacture, store and supply their products to Bangkok or other factories in the EEC. Also, they can efficiently distribute their raw materials and products to other parts of the country via Bangna-Trat Road.

 3. Bang Na-Trat community near Bangkok

5 เหตุผล ทำไมย่านถนนบางนา-ตราด ถึงเป็นทำเลแห่งศักยภาพเพื่อการเช่าโรงงาน โกดังและคลังสินค้า

 The Bang Na-Trat area is only 45 minutes from Bangkok and is easily accessible by cars and public transports. Besides, Bang Na-Trat Road is well connected to other vital roads- Sukhumvit Road and Srinakarin Road. They provide convenient access to the city via the Chalerm Maha Nakhon Expressway. The BTS Green Line and the BTS Yellow Line, which are currently under construction, will also provide further conveniences to this area.

The expansion of Bangkok, along with convenient transportation means, has resulted in the widening of the community.  Inevitably, there are many new residential developments, including detached homes and townhouses. More people choose to settle in the Bangna-Trat region because the pricings of these developments are considered moderate (see https://tradingeconomics.com/thailand/housing-index?continent=asia). As a result, factory owners decided to settle in this region because they can easily find skilled employees for their factories and warehouses.

 Bangna-Trat region also contains many essential places, such as Mega Bangna, Central Plaza Bangna, Ikea, Index Living Mall, Bang Na Hospital, and Sikarin Hospital. Thus, this region is a popular choice for working and living.

 4. Bangna-Trad is the central transportation hub.

 Bangna-Trat area is regarded as Thailand's central transportation hub. All transport means land, sea, and air are connected by this vital road.  It is hard to find other comparable industrial areas with such a complete strategic reaches. Also, the Bang Na-Trat area can be easily accessed to the Bangkok city center in just a few minutes by the BTS Green Line (On-Nut - Bearing) and the BTS Yellow Line (Hua Mak - Samrong). Both BTS are interconnected at the Samrong Station so that passengers can have easy access to different parts of Bangkok.

 For those who travel by private cars, this road is well connected to the Chalerm Maha Nakhon Expressway and the Ramintra-Artnarong Expressway. They can reach many parts of Bangkok, and have many options in avoiding traffic jams. With these expressways, they can have easy reaches to Rama 9 Road, Lat Phrao area, and Rangsit area.

5. Our Project is well connected to major commercial and residential development projects.

Not only Bang Na-Trat Road is intersected with two BTS stations, but it is also well connected to expressways and essential roads such as Theparuk Road, Srinakarin Road, and On Nut Road. This results in many big projects along this road. There are many housing projects such as condominiums, commercial real estate, department stores, and community malls.

Currently, there are many developments of many large mixed-use projects such as Mega City, Bangkok Mall, Whizdom 101, the Forestias, as well as the Bitec Exhibition Center Phase 2. Besides, the newly opened M Tower, 21-story floors of office areas has a total retail area of over 14,500 square meters located near BTS Bang Chak. Also, the intersection between Bangna Trat Road and Sukhumvit 62 Road, there are many commercial developments, such as Bhiraj Convention Center and BITEC Convention Center.

Bangna Trat is already the strategic location for industrial purposes, and it will continue to be so in the future.

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