6 Advantages of Setting up your Factory and Warehouse in Samut Prakan

6 Advantages of Setting up your Factory and Warehouse in Samut Prakan

6 Advantages of Setting up your Factory and Warehouse in Samut Prakan

When deciding on the area to base your factory or warehouse, surely, Samut Prakarn would come up as one of the top destinations to set your facility in Thailand. This province is one of the regions, which is the most industrial-concentrated area in the country and has excellent potential for businesses. In sum, this paper offers six prevalent benefits in setting your location in Samut Prakarn.

This article explains why Samut Prakan Province offers many opportunities for your business. Also, it examines the advantages of renting a factory or a warehouse in Samut Prakarn. Finally, it should help you understand why you should look for a factory or warehouse in this region.

Brief information on Samut Prakan and its vast business potential

Samut Prakan Province is one of the metropolitan provinces near Bangkok, which is in the center of the country. It is one of Thailand's biggest economies, especially in commerce and industrial sectors.

Most importantly, the province is the central transportation hub for land, water, and air. Also, it is the location of Suvarnabhumi Airport, the country's main airport.

As a result, companies enjoy easy and low-cost transportation of their raw materials and finished products. The combination of the well-integrated transportation system in the province makes Samut Prakarn the top city in operating their factories or warehouses in Thailand for both Thai and foreign businesspeople. Because of this essential benefit, Samut Prakan has become a prime location where investors choose to establish their factories and warehouses in the country.

6 Advantages of Setting up your Factory and Warehouse in Samut Prakan

1. Thailand's Foremost Transportation Hub

6 Advantages of Setting up your Factory and Warehouse in Samut Prakan

Samut Prakan Province has a comprehensive transportation network, whether land, sea, and air. From the location of Suvarnabhumi Airport Many to various significant expressways, firms can easily transport their goods and materials. Also, this province has easy access to central Bangkok as well as the eastern regions of Thailand via the Motorways and the Burapha Withi Expressway. For sea transport, major roads, the Motorway, and the expressways strategically connect this province with major seaports: Port of Bangkok (Klong Toei) and Chonburi's Laem Chabang Seaport.

In every business, one crucial factor in the company's success is the logistical structure of the business. Therefore, from its excellent transportation channels, renting a factory or a warehouse in Samut Prakan can facilitate efficient logistics operations, whereby save costs and time.

2. Close to Bangkok and Convenient to travel.

6 Advantages of Setting up your Factory and Warehouse in Samut Prakan

Because Samut Prakan is a major metropolitan area that has a short distance to Bangkok, the government has invested heavily in infrastructures, especially in expressways, major roads, and Skytrain. As a result, several expressways connect Samut Prakarn and Bangkok, and it only takes approximately 30-45 minutes to travel to Bangkok. Also, a BTS Skytrain allows quick and easy access to the city.

Businesspeople choose to establish their factories and warehouses in Samut Prakan since they can still enjoy the lifestyles Bangkok offers. Moreover, many companies have their offices in downtown Bangkok; they can easily commute between their offices and their factories. Finally, their family members can also easily travel to Bangkok or choose to live there.

3. Samut Prakarn is the Gateway to the EEC

The government aims to boost investments and has conceived a special economic zone: Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC) to boose investments in eastern provinces of Thailand. The government has created many incentives, such as tax breaks, legal legislations, and infrastructures, to foster investments in the region.

Samut Prakan acts as the primary portal that connects Bangkok to other provinces in the Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC). When commuting from Bangkok to EEC provinces, people use the Motorway and the Buraphavithi Expressway, which pass through Samut Prakarn. Since the travel time between Samut Prakarn and EEC provinces only takes 1-2 hours, businesspeople settle their factories and warehouses here so that they smoothly transport materials and products with suppliers and customers in the EEC. Also, many firms have their operations in the EEC. They would choose this area to store their products before distributing them to Bangkok and other parts of Thailand.

4. This area is the economic center of the country.

6 Advantages of Setting up your Factory and Warehouse in Samut Prakan

The Samut Prakan Province area has full potentials for businesses. With its large economy (in fact, the country's fourth-largest just after Bangkok, Rayong and Chonburi), numerous companies invest in mega projects in this area. Companies can exploit many benefits from efficient transportation systems.

Also, this province has the second largest population in the country. Companies can quickly find skilled labor when they base their operations here. Its large labor market supports the growth of the industrial sector. So, business people can recruit employees in their production and operations.

5. Many industrial estates and warehouse projects are in this province.

From many advantages we mentioned, investors, as well as the government, set up their industrial estates in this province. Some of these projects are Thailand's most significant industrial projects. For instance, Bang Phli Industrial Estate, Bangpoo Industrial Estate, and Asia Industrial Estate are in this region. Also, many large warehouse projects, factories, and distribution centers are in Samut Prakan Province. As earlier discussed, companies choose their factories or warehouses in this district to have excellent logistics channels with their suppliers and customers.

Moreover, from the study of the Information Center Department of Industrial Works in 2020, there are a total of 7,846 industrial factories in Samut Prakan. The numerous factories here illustrated this region is the prominent choice for establishing their factories and warehouses. From automotive parts to electrical appliances, from metal works to heavy machinery, from hardware equipment to electronic components, from textiles to food products, from chemicals to plastics, companies of all industries select this province for their operations.

6. Not a floods area

6 Advantages of Setting up your Factory and Warehouse in Samut Prakan

When people think about floods in Thailand, they often refer to Thailand's most significant floods in 2011. In that year, the floods disastrously affected Bangkok, and many other provinces in the central region (the diagram above illustrated the areas that were affected by that year's floods).

However, Samut Prakan is one of the few unaffected provinces. This province has an excellent drainage system. Firstly, the Suvarnabhumi Airport, which has the Suvarnabhumi River Canal Project that effectively protects this region. Secondly, the Samrong Canal and an extensive network of smaller canals help channel the drainage of water. Thirdly, the Thai government has invested heavily in creating many large pumping stations to direct the water to the sea swiftly. From these crucial reasons, factories and warehouses in the area were not hit by the Floods.

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Finally, we have presented six advantages to why people in business and entrepreneurs chose to base their factory and warehouse location in Samut Prakan.  This province offers numerous business opportunities and has always been the top choice among Thai and foreign companies. 


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 6 Advantages of Setting up your Factory and Warehouse in Samut Prakan

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