5 Things to know about Thailand’s Cold Storage Warehouse for Rent

Factory for Rent Thailand Warehouse for Rent Thailand

5 Things to know about Thailand’s Cold StorageWarehouse for Rent

 A cold storage warehouse is a warehouse that controls the temperature in the storage area, and the appropriate temperature is desirable to store various types of products to preserve the products’ quality. Currently, in Thailand, temperature-regulated warehouses for rent are becoming more viable due to the surge of demands in food, cosmetics, daily, dietary supplements.  Selecting the appropriate cold storage rental warehouse for your business is very important.  In this article, we offer insights on Thailand’s cold storage warehouses for rent temperature, and how they can support your business operations advantageously. 

1. What is a cold storage rental warehouse?

Factory for Rent Thailand Warehouse for Rent Thailand

We can identify a cold storage rental warehouse as a warehousing facility with temperature-regulated features. They offer a constant temperature range and do not come under the influence of external temperature.  In Thailand, we typically find this type of rental warehouses with temperatures ranging from below 0-degree Celsius (frozen) to 25-degree Celcius (chilled).  Certain products require specific temperature ranges; otherwise, their quality can deteriorate quickly.  Due to Thailand’s extreme heat, these cold storage warehouse rentals are compulsory for numerous businesses, such as meat, seafood, raw milk, vegetables, fruits, beverages, cosmetics, medicines, and supplements.

2. Why is a cold storage warehouse for rent useful?

Factory for Rent Thailand Warehouse for Rent Thailand

With temperature controls, you can slow down the growth rate of microbes, as well as the pace of chemical reactions in food. Also, the cold temperature reduces the respiration rate of fruits and vegetables. In essence, these initiatives help you extend your products’ shelf lives and preserve their quality longer. 

More specifically, rental cold storage warehouses are essential for food-related operators. These businesses typically have to import their products in larger shipments at better prices. They would rent cold storage warehouse space to store their surplus supplies, and over time, sell their products in small quantities to their customers. These warehouses eliminate food spoilage problems.

3. What products do we find in Thailand’s temperature-controlled warehouses?

Factory for Rent Thailand Warehouse for Rent Thailand

 As previously described, cold storage warehouse spaces are used most extensively by food operators, since their products can quickly become spoiled from the hot weather.  But, we also find products from other business sectors that need to be stored in a cold storage facility. We can list some of these products as following:

3.1 Food and beverages

 Food is one of the top products that demand temperature-controlled warehouses.  Because of Thailand's warm climate, food products can become rotten quickly. The low temperature helps to preserve food life. Moreover, with cold storage warehouses, you can specify the temperature, which is most appropriate for your products.  Other than food products, various beverages also require cooler temperatures to maintain their quality. Some of these products include wine, fruit juices, and milk.

3.2 Cosmetics

Another type of product that requires low temperatures is cosmetics. Although you can store most cosmetics products in conventional warehouses at room temperature, some cosmetics products are susceptible to a warmer climate, and the hot weather can undermine their quality. More specifically, make-up and skincare are prone to heat, and you need to store them in temperature-regulated warehouses.  The cold temperature helps safeguard these products against product deteriorations and retain their quality.

3.3 Drugs and Supplements

Another sector, which requires cold storage warehouses, is drugs and supplements.  The lower temperature is essential to these businesses because heat can alter the molecular structures of these products.  The chemical compounds of these products may become unfit or lose some of their integrity when not correctly stored. Another severe problem is your products may become contaminated from foreign agents when your storage space does not have proper control mechanisms.

3.4 Products from wax

Products with wax, such as candles, balsam, and balms, can lose or change some of their properties from excessive heat. Exposure to high temperatures can melt or alter their original shapes and colors. To retain their unique conditions, operators need to store them in temperatures controlled warehouses.  


4. Why most business operators in Thailand choose to rent a cold storage facility instead build one themselves?

In this section, we would highlight some key points explaining why you should rent the cold storage facility or build one yourself. The foremost consideration is the number of your products that you need to store in a temperature-regulated facility. If you expect swings in your product demands or remain uncertain of the stock size over the long-term basis, the rent option is a better option- it offers the flexibility your need.  Building cold storage yourself would require a significant amount of your investments-both time and capital. Also, if your business expects product swings in demand, renting can help you swiftly increase or decrease your warehousing space to suit your inventory.

Another consideration is that when you build a cold storage facility, there are underlying costs, such as electricity bills, labors, equipment, and maintenance.  Similarly, to the previous point, when your business experiences product swings, you still have to pay for these associated costs. If you experience shrinkage in demands or remain uncertain about the prospects of your products, renting is a much appropriate option. You can downsize your operations smoothly.

Moreover, in Thailand, numerous operators offer cold-storage solutions. The plethora of choices, in terms of pricing and conditions, are very extensive. You can easily find the operators that best fit your business needs.

5. What factors you have to consider when you search for a cold storage warehouse?

Factory for Rent Thailand Warehouse for Rent Thailand

 5.1 Size

In Thailand, you can find the cold storage rental warehouse space that dedicates the entire facility to your products as well as portions of the warehouse. The offered property should have to appropriate size for your inventory. The suitable size should be able to accommodate your present storage need as well as your future forecasts. Also, you may consider renting a shared facility.  

For shared-facility arrangements, you can rent partially and pay your rental expense based on your actual use.  Usually, the rental prices are based on the physical dimensions that you physically use. For example, they may charge in the following ways: the number of baht per square meter, - per cubic meter, or - per pallets. When you select a shared facility, the operators can charge you for handling fees (i.e., pallet lift-on charge, pallet lift-off changes, and picking fees) as well as storage fees, depending on the conditions.  

5.2 Price

 Price is one of the most critical considerations. You should compare the pricing schemes of different service providers.  Storage prices, electricity charges, and handling charges are some of the initial costs that you have to consider.  You should also examine the temperature ranges these facilities offer. They should reflect your products’ requirements.

Some facilities may offer very attractive rental prices, but you should consider other indispensable elements. Some facilities locate too far from your customers, or the temperature range is unfitting for your products. Some facilities may not reach your sanitation requirements.  It would be very beneficial if you can visit the properties in person before finalizing your decision. You can quickly realize whether your prospective property is suitable or not.

5.3 Transportation

Besides finding the appropriate warehouse rental, another necessary consideration is transportation.  The transportation of goods is also equally important; the vehicles should offer the same temperature regulation features. When transporting your products to your customers, the heat inside the vehicles’ compartment can tamper the quality of your products. Therefore, you should select temperature-controlled vehicles for delivery.

In Thailand, most cold storage warehousing operators offer transportation services. Their complete packages can help you deliver quality products to your customers. Alternatively, you can find many logistics companies that provide cold-delivery options.   

5.4 Storage period

The final element you should consider is your storage period. Most warehouse operators would charge more when you store your products for a long time. Your inventory should reflect your business plans. When you overstock inventory, you may face high inventory costs as well as damage costs from product expiry.

In sum, we have presented the key insights into Thailand’s cold storage warehouse rentals. These facilities are vital to many businesses because their products can deteriorate when stored improperly. Currently, there are more demands of these cold storage warehouses due to food, cosmetics, and supplements businesses. Selecting the right rental warehouse is crucial to successful business operations. We hope you find this article helpful when choosing a rental cold storage facility in Thailand.

Finally, if you are interested in renting a high-quality factory or warehouses in Thailand, please feel free to contact us anytime. Our properties have complete functions, and they are in excellent locations. Plus, we support our customers with free repair services throughout the leases as well as a full range of customer support services. Our projects have high-security systems with 24-hour security guards, and CCTVs. 

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