Thailand’s Various Rental Warehouse Types and their Purposes

Warehouse Types

Thailand’s Various Rental Warehouse Types and their Purposes

This article would distinguish the various warehouse for rent types in Thailand. We can identify a warehouse facility as a place that we can use for storing our raw materials, parts in the manufacturing processes, and finished products. In the warehouse facility, you can store items of the manufacturing process or end products waiting to be delivered to end customers. In this article, we would examine the various types of rental warehouses offered in the Thai property market and how they can fit your business operations. 

 The first distinction is whether the rental warehouse is shared with other companies or solely for your operation.

1. Public warehouse

The public warehouse, as the name suggests, is shared with other companies. When you rent such a property, you are not the single lessee of the facility. Other users are also using this property. In certain circumstances, the landlords may assign certain areas of the facility, such as the primary storage area, exclusively for your purposes. At the same time, they lease out other areas to other customers. This type of arrangement can help you advantageously when you need less space than the entire property or when you need the flexibility to expand or decrease your inventories swiftly.

2. Private warehouse

For the private warehouse, it is your entire warehouse. No other operator or user can use the facility. We can use the whole facility for your purposes.

You can find another distinction of rental warehouses classified by their uses.

Warehouse Type

1. Warehouse for distribution centers (Distribution Center: DC)

This type of rental warehouses serves as a central hub that connects manufacturers with retailers. Its core purpose is to store the products briefly and then deliver the products to the customers swiftly.  In essence, the manufacturers can store their products in a DC warehouse and then provide such products to the customers. This model proves useful when the retailer does not want to stock many inventories yet demands quick, immediate product deliveries.

2. Cross Dock Warehouses 

The purpose of cross docks is to receive and distribute the products simultaneously. Also, some operators may use this type of rental warehouse for transferring goods from one vehicle to another. You can view it as a product transfer station. Although Cross Docking and DC warehouses are similar in terms of receiving goods from multiple sources and delivering them to the customers, the cross-dock warehouses have much shorter storage times. Its primary purpose is to transfer products without storing and replenishing activities. 

3. Fulfillment Center warehouse

This type of rental warehouse is for receiving products from multiple affiliated companies, repacking them, and then shipping together to the customers. The demand for this type of warehouse is proliferating in Thailand because this type of warehouse is beneficial to online merchants. It helps increase efficiency in inventory and distribution systems.

Regardless of the types of operations, your business requires, a proper rental warehouse would share similar characteristics. First, they should offer plenty of loading bays for quick loading and unloading of goods. Second, they should have applied roof height as well as high floor-loading capacities, so that you can easily install shelf racking.

Also, the rental warehouse should have raised platforms. This feature helps you avoid damages that may occur during floods and rainy seasons. Besides, you can quickly load and unload your products from vehicles. Another crucial characteristic is that the rental warehouse should have large outdoor and parking spaces. This feature is extremely vital when you have a large pool of trucks and vehicles. Finally, the facility should have protections against fire hazards and burglary.  

Types of warehouses.

Warehouse Type 2

1. General warehouse

In Thailand rental property market, you will find this type of rental warehouse most commonly. They serve as storage space for general goods, such as tools, appliances, everyday objects, and consumer products. You can store these products at standard temperatures and do not unique treatments.

2. Fresh warehouse

This type of warehouse helps preserve the freshness of produce. Meat, vegetables, fruits, and seafood would require this type of rental warehouse. It offers proper temperature control. The temperature can range from frozen products (below 0 degrees Celsius) or chilled temperature (16-25 Celsius).

In Thailand, you can find specific rental warehouses already installed temperature-controlled features while other rental warehouses expect you make the modification arrangements yourself. Also, some landlords offer a built-to-suit program, which they will invest and build in accordance with your requirements. This exclusive rental program would command a slightly higher rental price and longer contract terms. You can discuss your needs with the landlords. 

3. Dangerous warehouses

The plant manager can use this type of warehouse for the storage of chemicals, fuels, flammable, and explosive materials. The operators who deal with these hazardous materials must comply with safety regulations set by the Thai Ministry of Industry as well as the principles established by safety-auditing organizations.  These products require specialized training in storage and handling.

When you search for a rental warehouse for dangerous goods, the property must locate in the correct zoning. You also have to obtain the necessary permits from the relevant government departments. It would be beneficial to initially check whether you can get the storage permit in the shortlisted property.

4. Specialized warehouse

The last type of rental warehouse is a small warehouse which exclusively designed for the storage of high-value items. These properties usually offer appropriate temperature -and humidity-controlled environments. Generally, business operators would rent this type of warehouse for cosmetics, drugs, and medical supplies. 

These specialized warehouses are sometimes challenging to find. So, you can find a landlord who offers a built-to-suit rental program. You can discuss your requirements with him accordingly.

This article has illustrated the various types of Thai rental warehouses. Rental warehouses have different functions and purposes, and the business operators can find ones most fitting to their operations.  Also, when your business necessitates specialized features, you can invest in the modifications yourself or find the landlords who offer built-to-suit rental programs. In Thailand, the numerous choices of properties are vast, so you should carefully find a rental warehouse that best fits your business needs and offers the most appropriate rental terms.

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