8 Advantages of Renting a Factory or a Warehouse

8 Convincing Advantages of Renting a Factory or a Warehouse 

There are 8 Convincing Advantages of Renting a Factory or a Warehouse.

When entrepreneurs establish their businesses or expand their operations, choosing the appropriate factory or warehouse is one of the key reasons behind their business success. Another common dilemma is whether to rent out a factory or a warehouse or build one themselves. In this article, we examine the pros and cons of renting or buying a warehouse or a factory. We believe there are eight substantial advantages, which support renting a property over constructing or buying these real estates.

The implications of these eight advantages of renting a factory or a warehouse are precisely for business owners.

1. Available Capital

There are 8 Convincing Advantages of Renting a Factory or a Warehouse

The power of renting a factory and warehouse, first of all, is the flexibility in capital allocations. Because the invested capital in renting a factory or a warehouse is minimal compared to buying or constructing a new property, business owners can better utilize their funds. Furthermore, our rental factories and warehouses are attractive among new business entrepreneurs and business owners who wish to expand their businesses. They can allocate their money in machinery, business operations, and inventories.

2. Tax Deduction

Another financial advantage of renting a factory or a warehouse that many people do not think of is the tax benefit. Because the factory and warehouse rental receipt is a full tax-deductible expense, entrepreneurs can use these expenses for deducting their company's income taxes.

 However, when buying or owning properties, the owners can only record their expenses through depreciation costs. Also, some costs, such as the land purchase or the landing filling, are not reflected in their business expenses, hence not tax-deductible. (For further information, please refer to https://www.rd.go.th/publish/2369.0.html).

3. No Repairs and Maintenance Costs

When renting a factory or a warehouse from Pro Ind, tenents can enjoy our free-repair-and-maintenance service. With this service, you do not have to spare your company's capital in repair and maintenance expenses.  Besides, our clients do not have to spend their precious time on tiresome issues, such as changing lightbulbs, blocked water sewage, and cracked floor tiles.

This service is our exclusive service, and all our lessees can enjoy our free comprehensive maintenance services. Moreover, we have a customer support team, which readily handles your repair requests and assigns appropriate technicians to resolve your problems swiftly. Throughout the rental contract terms, we offer this service to our customers.

4. More Time 

For owning a factory or a warehouse, entrepreneurs, inevitably, have to encounter pressing issues: finding the right land plot, obtaining necessary construction licenses, generating drawings, and designs of the factory, finding a suitable constructor, monitoring the construction, applying for utilities, having technicians to repair the building and more. These exhausting and time-consuming problems can erode the business owners' time and resources fruitlessly.

Therefore, renting a factory or a warehouse from us allows you to have access to a pool of experts who design, construct, and maintain your ideal factory and warehouse in excellent conditions at all times. Thus, entrepreneurs will have more time to focus on their business operations and their personal lives.

5. Faster and Flexibility to Move

There are 8 Convincing Advantages of Renting a Factory or a Warehouse b

After a few years down the road, when your business prosper, and when your current property lacks the space to support proliferating production lines or every growing stocks and inventory, renting a factory or a warehouse is the better choice. Renting offers you this flexibility to handle your future expansions. In essence, renting provides entrepreneurs the flexibility to swiftly respond to changing business demands. Whether moving your business locations or expanding factories and warehouses, you can easily find the right property when you rent.  Additionally, you do not have to worry about the budget, which will undoubtedly escalate from acquiring a new property or expanding your existing property.

6. More Options

Currently, business owners can enjoy the breadth of warehouses and factories for rent. They differ in locations, building sizes, layouts, specifications, designs, and prices. With such a variety of options, entrepreneurs can easily compare and evaluate each prospect, which best suits their needs. The range of properties available makes renting a more viable choice than buying.

 7. Less Start-Up Time

The construction of each factory or warehouse requires at least a year to complete. During this time, business owners have to forego many business opportunities. However, renting a property is as easy as just searching on Google to source through the offered properties. This practical choice is time-saving and also more convenient since developers have already completed the construction.

Hence, entrepreneurs can start their business or expand their business immediately, without any interruption. You do not have to miss valuable business opportunities.

8. Less Paper Works

Because to construct a factory or warehouse, you have to undergo much paperwork, such as the construction permit, the construction contract, the registration of the property address, and the applications of utilities (water, plumbing, electricity, phone, internet, garbage and many more). On the other hand, renting is hassle-free, we offer complete coverage on these documents and applications to our clients. Our customers can entirely focus their energy on starting their businesses or expand their operations without the headache of tedious papers.

In sum, we have illustrated eight crucial advantages of renting a factory or a warehouse. Renting helps you save time and resources. Also, it offers the flexibility to meet the shifting business demands quickly.

There are 8 Convincing Advantages of Renting a Factory or a Warehouse b

If you are interested in renting a high-quality factory or warehouses in Thailand, please feel free to contact us anytime. Our properties have complete functions, and they are in excellent locations. Plus, we support our customers with free repair services throughout the leases as well as a full range of customer support services. Our projects have high-security systems with 24-hour security guards, and CCTVs.

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